• "Goddess Offering #2" - Pyrographic Art Cube (SOLD)

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    Zenbunny Studios offers for sale its art cube, "Goddess Offering #2". The cube features 4 lovely ladies and 2 wonderful and colorful mandalas. This unique 3.5" natural square cube is created in the age old style of Pyrography .  It is painstakingly burned freestyle (no templates are used... all marks are created in the moment), and then hand painted using a water diluted acrylic paint. It sits atop a silver-color handmade display stand (not shown) produced here in Joshua Tree and features hand-brushed brass legs tipped with non-scratch wooden feet. The cube can be picked up and turned to show off any of the 6 different original creations.

    • Dimensions 3.5" x 3.5" x 4.25"